Tooth Extraction

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Tooth extractions are minor surgical procedures performed to remove one or more problematic teeth from the mouth. They are generally performed as a last resort option when there is no only way to restore a severely damaged or decayed tooth. In some cases, tooth extractions may also be used to remove healthy teeth that pose a threat to one’s oral health, for example in cases of overcrowding.

Did You Know?

It is estimated that 10 million wisdom teeth are extracted in the United States each year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a tooth extraction?

You may need a tooth extraction if you have one or more severely damaged or decayed teeth that cannot be effectively restored with other treatments. You may also need to have a tooth extraction if you have too many teeth for the size of your mouth or if you have impacted wisdom teeth. To determine if a tooth extraction is warranted, schedule a consultation with Maxtown Family Dental today.

What can I expect when having a tooth extraction?

At Maxtown Family Dental, all tooth extractions are performed using dental anesthetics and varying levels of sedation. This means that you will not experience any discomfort or anxiety during the procedure.

There are two different types of extraction techniques that may be used to remove your tooth. The first is known as a simple extraction technique, whereby the affected tooth is rocked back and forth with a pair of forceps while also being lifted using an elevator tool. This approach is generally used when the affected tooth is completely erupted and is in one piece.

Surgical extractions are the other type of extraction technique that may be used in cases where the affected tooth is partially or fully impacted underneath the gums, or if it cannot safely be removed in one piece. During a surgical extraction, the affected tooth is first broken into pieces then each piece is removed one at a time. In some cases, incisions may also need to be made in the gums to access the tooth.

What can I expect after having a tooth extraction?

After having a tooth extracted, you will remain in our office briefly so we can monitor you while the sedation wears off. Although your mouth will still be numb, it will feel really big since the extraction site(s) will be packed with gauze and/or cotton. Once you are able to walk, you will be allowed to leave our office, however you will need a driver.

In the days immediately following your extraction, you may experience some minor bleeding, swelling, and bruising in or around the extraction site. As the dental anesthetics wear off, you will also experience some minor discomfort which can usually be remedied with over the counter pain medication. During the first 24 hours after your extraction, we recommend that you avoid hot foods and beverages since this can make your bleeding worse and hurt the extraction site. Instead, we recommend eating soft, cool foods until your mouth heals. You should also avoid small foods, like rice, that can get stuck in the empty tooth socket.

Is there anything I should watch out for?

After having one or more teeth extracted, you should always call our office if you are not sure about something. One of the most common complications of a tooth extraction is a dry socket. A dry socket occurs when the protective blood clot over the jawbone becomes dislodged. This allows stimuli to aggravate the nerves underneath. The most common sign of a dry socket is a deep, throbbing pain in the jaw around the extraction site. Additionally, you should call our office if you experience uncontrollable bleeding or think the area might be infected.

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